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"In fourteen lines, her sonnets in particular are able to communicate what takes essayists and writers thousands of words-- Evan Mantyk

"Truly magnificent sonnets-- the fierce determination to make the point, express the feeling, as though it's been squeezed into a tight ball of intensity - fusion - and somehow given rebirth within the strict form and with a measured, powerful progression" -- Hank Whittemore

"Especially in the sonnets, we find poems that are heart-breaking, sometimes a bit shocking or grotesque, seldom gentle, but always a full-bore attack on the subject at hand. They are the product of a magnificent poet" --Bob Wood

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“A rare and gifted performer... mesmerizing.”--Matt Miskie

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"Theresa Werba is an artist who writes with honesty, depth and precision. The words and lines of this book are so alive with emotion and meaning.. she has achieved something rare and special, in my view -- with lines that waste not a single word, lines that carry the weight of strong feeling... a powerful and original voice for our time"--Hank Whittemore

"In Rodriguez (Werba) we have the sense of a soul longing for order, for discipline, for that unreserved giving for the great cause of either passion or love...The poems, then, at their best can be touching, affecting and profoundly felt experiences, and I think represent real poetry from a real soul whom the Muse has visited...The poetry contains some dazzling truths as she unashamedly faces the demons of herself, her life and her imaginings."--James Sale, poetry critic, award-winning British poet, Arts columnist, The Epoch Times.

"Theresa's operatic training comes through in the innate cadence of her poetry and her recitation has all the passion of high theatre"  --Carla Christopher

"Electric"-- Hiram Larew

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 "Well-researched, well-written and, most importantly, interesting and enlightening to read.."

-- Sara Thomas, Editor, Classical Singer Magazine

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"Theresa tells her story with almost brutal vulnerability but is never maudlin, rather she moves with a brisk pace and beautiful style that leaves you, as both reader and audience member, empowered and uplifted"-- Carla Christopher

"The sonnet queen"-- Patricia Asuncion,

Poet, Performer, Arts Host, Board Member, The Bridge Performing Arts Initiative PAI)

"Theresa Werba is an artist who speaks to the soul"Andrew Benson Brown



Please pardon the awkwardness of having to navigate two names during Theresa's transition from Rodriguez to Werba.  Her books and Lullabies recording may be found under the name Theresa Rodriguez (since they are already published) but going forth in 2022, her poetry, and any subsequent books, will be published under the name THERESA WERBA. 


The 2nd Edition of Sonnets has been released by Shanti Arts and is now available! Click here for more information and to order!

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Theresa Rodriguez's second book of poetry entitled Longer Thoughts, has been released by Shanti Arts! Click here for more information and to order!

READ AN EXCELLENT REVIEW of Longer Thoughts by Lynette G. Esposito at North of Oxford here

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