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In this powerful collection of sonnets Theresa Rodriguez explores a myriad of topics including the creative process, love and loss, faith and disillusionment, human frailty, and aging, in the Shakespearean, Spenserian, and Petrarchan sonnet forms. This is a must-have collection for anyone who loves formal poetry in general and the sonnet in particular.



Praise for Sonnets:


“In fourteen lines, her sonnets in particular are able to communicate what takes essayists and writers thousands of words.”

—Evan Mantyk, President, the Society of Classical Poets


“The sonnets of Theresa Rodriguez take the reader through a remarkable inner journey of extreme emotions... I am very moved and appreciative of such an honest voice and its expression in this form. Theresa Rodriguez is a sculptor with words, and with the deep tidal waves of emotion upon which they live.”

—Hank Whittemore, The Monument: Shake-speare's Sonnets by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, (Meadow Geese Press, 2005)


"This is a careful poet; one who has been well-schooled. Her knowledge of meter, form, grammar and invention show a craftsman-like approach. Also, she is well aware of the necessity to merge thought, action and emotion within a poem... hers is a talent well worth watching."

—Sally Cook, The View From Here (White Violet Press, 2014).


"In Rodriguez we have the sense of a soul longing for order, for discipline, for that unreserved giving for the great cause of either passion or love...The poems, then, at their best can be touching, affecting and profoundly felt experiences, and I think represent real poetry from a real soul whom the Muse has visited...The poetry contains some dazzling truths as she unashamedly faces the demons of herself, her life and her imaginings."

— James Sale, poetry critic, award-winning British poet, Arts columnist, The Epoch Times.

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