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BERKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA-- May 1 2015: Abuse survivor, poet and author Theresa Rodriguez details the warning signs of an abusive relationship and gives practical information for getting free and staying free in her latest book Warning Signs of Abuse: Get Out Early and Stay Free Forever.

“I am writing to help women get out of abusive relationships as early as possible and stay out of them forever,” writes Rodriguez. “I am writing so that you can see the warning signs when the relationship is just starting out, so you can get away before it entangles you. I am also writing to those ensnared and give directions and hope for getting out.”

Native New Yorker Theresa Rodriguez spent twenty-one painful, damaging and debilitating years of her life in an abusive marriage and has written her fourth book Warning Signs of Abuse to help women identify the “warning signs” or “red flags” in abusive relationships, which are “words and situations and actions and behaviors that should be indicators that the relationship is becoming abusive or is going to become abusive.” Rodriguez hopes her experience will serve as a warning to other women who might be entering into an abusive relationship. “I am hoping women will read about what happened to me and get out sooner than I did,” Rodriguez states.

During her involvement with her abuser Rodriguez was physically, emotionally, sexually and psychologically abused to the point where she became unable to function "I know all these feelings and realities because I experienced them all," Rodriguez admits. "The whirlwind beginning, the emotional state of vulnerability I was in at the time, the intensity of the movement of the relationship so early on, getting into a ride that was going so fast I did not realize how far I was getting from the old world of normal until I was so enmeshed in it I found it hard to get away. My mind had already been altered to think differently, my ears had been acclimated to hearing cursing and put-downs, and eventually when the purple bruises came, I somehow thought I deserved them and that I made them happen somehow. And then when the red roses of repentance came in a bundle I would relent and return again. Eventually I returned even when there were no roses or even any “sorries” said to me any more at all."

Rodriguez wrote Warning Signs of Abuse to help other women escape her fate. "Abuse causes a change in the psyche and in the biochemistry of a woman," Rodriguez warns. "It can on the one hand bring in the “fight or flight” response which heightens your sense of tension and fear. It can alternately be expressed in “behavioral inaction,” where the shock of the situation literally freezes you into staying still. Sometimes it makes you unable to think and then you feel numbed. Then when some part of sense returns and you see the danger in the fight or flight response, the repentant acts or words of your abuser draw you back in again. And there is a calming after that storm, like the afterglow of orgasm. This will remain until the next tension develops (as in your trying to pull away) or the grip tightens because the appetite of the abuser for control over you has increased. But as the day rises and as the moon cycles through her phases, the cycle of abuse will continue and worsen unless you can get away and stay away. I am hoping to show you that is can be done, and the earlier the better, if you see the warning signs of abuse for what they are and move swiftly and resolutely away early so you can stay free forever."

Rodriguez decided to publish Warning Signs of Abuse only as a Kindle ebook on, and not as a physical book, “because I don't want to see a woman get hurt because she is caught reading a book on how to get out of her abusive relationship.” She encourages her readers not to read the book at home “unless you can be very sure your abuser cannot catch you reading it or find it on your Kindle, iPad, computer or phone.” A physical book would be even more of a danger to an abused woman if her abuser were to find it. She admonishes her readers to read Warning Signs of Abuse “somewhere private and safe, such as a friend’s house, home of a family member, or if [she] can be secure at work or school or at a public library.”

Warning Signs of Abuse includes chapters about what Rodriguez calls the web or “vortex” of abuse, the profiles of the abuser and the victim, the phases of the abuse process, the warning signs of abuse, why a woman stays in an abusive relationship, what to do if you cannot get out, protective orders, a detailed study on Nicole Brown Simpson and OJ Simpson case, and getting out and staying free.

For more information please visit Theresa Rodriguez's website at or click here for the Warning Signs of Abuse page on




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